Pastor’s Note!

Pastor Anthomy Robertson, NHMBC, New Home Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor


Pastor’s Note!

June 12, 2019 Adminnhmbc

Let us not take any day for granted; understanding that tomorrow is not promised until we actually arrive in it. Also, may we apprehend the fact that the Lord’s return is near. So, let our focus be selfless, purposeful, and edifying to the Lord with total essence of our being. “It’s all about him”..


“A Man Sent From God” John 1:6 A man who has worked hard for his, family, himself and his church, following the Word og God. Reminding yus through his leadership, that the task and goal is ” AlL ABOUT GOD”..


A family man, putting God first in all of his endeavors. Married with a church going and paricipating family, A man with supportive wife and kids.

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